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Periodically the Perform in Perth committee needs to make decisions on the use of trophies especially if their condition has deteriorated or if their classes are no longer attracting entries for competition.

This trophy was ‘retired’ a few years ago because the figure on the statuette has no connection to the Scottish Country Dances classes for which it was awarded. Also, it was seen by some to be perpetuating a stereotype.

What do you think we should do with it now?

Scottish Country Dance Society Trophy

Lorenzl Statuette Poll

This trophy was presented to the Perthshire Music Festival in 1934. The 32cm tall brass statuette, by the Art Deco sculptor Lorenzl, is of a female dancing figure. It is mounted on a round pillar on top of a square base.


Although very little is known about Lorenzl’s early life it is known that he was born in Austria in 1892 and was soon to become one of the most talented sculptors of the Art Deco Period. He started by working for a bronze foundry in Vienna Arsenal where he produced stunning bronze statuettes. The majority of his works in bronze and ivory were of singular slim female nudes with long legs which conveyed elegance.


The trophy has been awarded 48 times to dance teams from Perth, Blairgowrie, Stirling, Aberdeen, Dunfermline, Dundee and beyond and these teams are recorded on the engraved sterling silver plates which are mounted on the base.


The Perform in Perth committee is facing a decision on its future use. What do you think the best options are for the trophy? What would you advise?

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