Festival Artwork 2021

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As we get near to the start of our online Festival – now would be a great time to send us some of your drawing/artwork – inspired by MUSIC/POETRY/DRAMA/DANCE

Your drawing might be of a musical instrument/ a pair of dancing shoes/ your brother or sister playing or rehearsing/ or any poems or readings that you love.

There will be three classes – 9 and under; 10-17; and 18 and over.Ideally your drawing(s) should be in LANDSCAPE (sideways) format – just like your TV screen.

Scan it or photograph it and send it to perthcompfest@hotmail.com by Sunday 14th March and we will try to include as many as we can in our 32 Festival streams between 18-27th March online at www.perthshire-music-festival.org.uk – along with the work of our performers.

Open to all performers any where – and to their friends and families as well as to sponsors and patrons – their children and grandchildren!

Artists of ALL ages are welcome to take part.Please give your artwork a TITLE – and sign it with your FIRST NAME (+ AGE) – over 18s may opt for (FULL NAME) + no age!

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