A Perth teenager has successfully introduced a new youth voluntary scheme for annual Perform in Perth festival

adminYoung Ambassador

Rob Johnston, 16, came up with the idea for the Young Ambassador Scheme after unofficially mentoring some of the festival’s participants in previous years. His own participation in the Perform in Perth festival is something Rob describes as having been a “positive influence”. He has since coached 11 other participants in the festival. Rob said: “It’s been an amazing experience … Read More

The show will go on – Courier report from Wednesday 6th January 2021

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The show will go on for a Tayside-wide performing festival as it marks its centenary year, despite the challenges of Covid-19. The Perform in Perth programme will go ahead – under adjudication from 8th-20th and then streamed online – from March 15th-27th. The event celebrates a wide range of artistic forms, with competitive classes in dance, speech and music, ranging … Read More

Virtual Festival update – January 2021

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After much discussion, the following points have been agreed regarding the running of a virtual festival in 2021. No marks will be awarded but a winner will be announced for each class.  Adjudicators will categorise all performers, so that appropriate certificates can be awarded.  (Honours, First Class, Merit and Performance)In the instance of classes where the winner might qualify for the Larg … Read More

Advice to entrants – Speech Classes


Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Tish is a Licentiate of The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She has a wide range of experience in teaching all age groups in schools, colleges and the business world. Tish now lives in Suffolk, and works freelance. She is visiting lecturer in Vocal Communications in colleges in the UK and in Italy. She also … Read More

Advice to entrants – percussion


Tim Ridley

This is a video from Tim Ridley, our percussion adjudicator. It has some good general suggestions on recording as well as encouragement for the percussion folk.

Advice to entrants


Donal McCrisken MBE

Re-assurance and advice from Donal McCrisken MBE to entrants in our virtual music festival.