We launched our Young Ambassadors Scheme in December 2019 to encourage young people to play the role of Young Ambassadors for the Festival in ways that will be beneficial to them: – for their university personal statements and job applications; and by developing their confidence and skills.


Participants must be aged between 12 and 25. 
Participants must have taken part in Perform in Perth at least once.


Support – Encourage and support the entry of a new participant.
Promote – Actively promote the festival through giving talks, circulating the syllabus through official organisations such as schools.
– Undertake stewarding work during the course of the festival, e.g. organising performers into class order, monitor the numbers board, support the adjudicator, welcome the audience and performers when they arrive, etc. All under-18s would not be put in the position of working on their own.
– Active Fundraising for the festival.


Awards will be presented annually on the final night of the festival and will be on 3 levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Bronze Award,
to fulfil one requirement in the Categories list
Silver Award, to fulfil two requirements in the Categories list
Gold Award,
to fulfil three requirements in the Categories list

Saltire Award

Time spent in participating in our Young Ambassadors Scheme can be credited towards a Saltire Award.  Saltire Awards are for young people aged between 12 and 25, so they can record their volunteering hours for over a decade!  The festival has applied to register as a Saltire Awards organisation.  Young people can and should sign up for the Saltire Scheme if they haven’t yet and, once they achieve any of the milestones -10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 hours, they are eligible for the relevant Saltire Award.  We can ask them to fill in the registration form or, if they’re 13 or over, they can go online and set up their own account https://saltireawards.org.uk/

Young Ambassador Categories – suggestions and ideas

Support can take the form of coaching other performers, encouraging their progress as they prepare for performance at ‘Perform in Perth’ and mentoring them so that they know what to expect.
can take the form of spreading the word about ‘Perform in Perth’, perhaps by giving verbal presentations to groups of other pupils, both in school and in youth organisations, or even just on a personal basis, such as describing the confidence they have gained from participation.
would mean undertaking age-appropriate duties and probably alongside other volunteers.  These could include marshalling performers prior to their performances, checking off names when performers arrive, changing numbers on the display board, helping on the reception desk, perhaps selling merchandise, issuing certificates, acting as ‘runners’ in the Concert Hall.

Becoming involved

Anyone who fulfils the age criterion, and who has taken part in Perform in Perth, should contact us at perthcompfest@hotmail.com or 07849 745000 for further details.

Download a printable copy of this information – here.