N.B.  ** denotes a new or altered regulation

All reference to photocopying is in accordance with the Code of Fair Practice (Revised Edition 2012) agreed between Composers, Publishers and Users of Printed Music. All photocopies will be retained and destroyed after the performance.


1. The Festival is for amateurs, except for ‘Open’ Classes.

2. The Committee, at its discretion, may refuse any entry.

3. Comments & suggestions for improvement are welcomed and should be made in writing to the Secretary for discussion by the committee.

4. The Festival is not responsible for supplying music stands, instruments or any other equipment.    

The onus is on the conductor/performer to ensure that the required equipment is available.    

5. The decision of the Committee in all matters arising out of or not specifically provided for in these Regulations shall be final.

6. The Committee may alter, modify or cancel any of the arrangements details in the Syllabus, as it may deem necessary.

7. Any timings published in the Programme may be subject to slippage; classes may run behind the scheduled time but will not run ahead of time. 

8. LOSS OF PROPERTY – All attending the Festival are reminded to take care of their personal property: handbags, musical instruments, etc..  Perthshire Musical (Competition) Festival Association cannot accept responsibility for any loss.

9. All communications should be addressed to Mrs M.E. Waterston, The Secretary, Perform in Perth, 35 Buchan Drive, PERTH, PH1 1NQ and a stamped addressed envelope enclosed for reply. 


10. Entries can be made online by accessing the Festival Website: www.perthshire-music-festival.org.uk  Anyone unable to access the internet may send their entries to the Secretary, with payment of the appropriate entrance fee as stated in the Syllabus.  In the case of paper entries, a separate entry form must be used for each entry.  Additional forms may be photocopied.  Applicants who wish to have confirmation of receipt of entries MUST fill out the receipt section at the top right of the entry form and enclose a stamped addressed envelope clearly marked ‘Receipt Required’.  Late entries will be permitted up to Friday 22ndJanuary, 2021, along with a surcharge of £10 per entry. No entry will be accepted after Friday 15th January, 2021, unless it is accompanied by the surcharge of £10 per entry.  

11. Winners of solo classes at Beginner, Elementary, Transitional, Intermediate or Advanced level may not compete again in the same class unless they were the sole competitor or unless the mark achieved was less than 85.  Pairs of winners of duo and duet classes at Beginner, Elementary and Intermediate levels may not compete again in the same class unless they were the only competitors or unless the mark achieved was less than 85.  

12. The Committee will decide upon the order in which Classes will be taken and arrange the order of competing, as soon as the list of entries has been closed.  Any special requests with regard to timetabling should be submitted in writing along with the entries.  Requests will be considered by the timetabling committee, but no guarantees can be given regarding this.  A timetable will be e-mailed/posted to every applicant as soon as it is available.   

13. No form of amplification is permitted in any Class unless otherwise stated.

14. Any reference to the age of a performer is taken to be their age on the last day of the festival.   

15. Any choir, group, orchestra, team etc. entered by a school or group must consist of pupils on the register of that school or group at the time the Festival is held.  Classes specifically for schools are intended for schools which provide a general education. ‘Perth City Campus’ is accepted as a school.  Entries are welcome from choirs, bands or orchestras from two or more smaller schools where it is necessary for them to combine in order to allow them to participate.  Where appropriate, primary school pupils may perform with the secondary school with which they are linked.    


16. ALL ENTRANTS should note that in all OPEN, ADULT CHOIR AND ADULT VOCAL SOLO CLASSES and classes where the piece/s are ALL OWN CHOICE, the competitor/s may use their own accompanist OR the Official Accompanist. Failure to indicate ‘Own Accompanist’ at time of entry means that the Official Accompanist must be used. In ALL OTHER CLASSES including COUNTRY DANCING, the Official Accompanist MUST be used.  


17. No competitor, except where otherwise stated, may use selected pieces of ‘Own Choice’ items in more than one class.

18. In those Classes allowing ‘Own Choice’ of test piece/s:

a) Entries will not be accepted unless full details of the entrant’s selected items are shown on the entry form along with the key (where asked for) and the approximate length of playing/performance time.

b) Where a maximum performance time is indicated in the class description, competitors may be penalised by loss of marks or disqualification if the stipulated period is exceeded.

c) No change of test piece/s will be accepted after the closing date for entries (15th January, 2021). However, if Own Choice details are not known at the time of entry, these details must be supplied by 1st February at the latest.

d) An original copy is always necessary for the accompanist, although photocopies for the accompanist’s home study will be accepted on the understanding that the original will be given to the accompanist immediately prior to the performance.  Failure to provide an original copy for the accompanist shall result in disqualification.  

e) Performers may use internet downloads of own choice music but these must be submitted such that they can readily be used by the accompanist. 

19. Own Choice – Speech.  Details of item/s to be performed, along with the author/poet and the name of the character where applicable, must be entered on the entry form (or replacement form) and ONE photocopy must be submitted to the Music Secretary, Mrs M.E. Waterston, 35 Buchan Drive, PERTH, PH1  1NQ, not later than 8th February 2021, clearly marked with the class number and the name of the performer, NOT ATTACHED to the entry form.   

20. Own Choice – Music.  Entrants not requiring an accompanist, or the use of the Official Accompanist, should send ONE photocopy of their Own Choice piece, marked ADJUDICATOR, to the Music Secretary, Mrs M.E. Waterston, 35 Buchan Drive, PERTH, PH1 1NQ, not later than 8th February 2021. All items must be marked clearly as to class number and name of competitor, with a separate copy supplied for each performer (even where several competitors have chosen the same item), NOT ATTACHED to the entry form.  This includes piano, ensemble, band and orchestral classes.  N.B. In the case of ensemble entries, a full score MUST be provided.  Failure to send in the required copies by the required date may lead to disqualification.     

21. Own Choice – Music.  If the services of the Official Accompanist are required, ONE photocopy of the entrant’s selected test piece/s for the adjudicator, in accordance with regulation 19, AND ONE ORIGINAL COPY for the accompanist, in accordance with regulation 17d and 17e, MUST be sent to the Music Secretary, Mrs M.E. Waterston, 35 Buchan Drive, PERTH, PH1 1NQ, not later than 8th February 2021.  All items must be marked clearly as to ownership, class number and name of competitor, with a separate copy supplied for each performer (even where several competitors have chosen the same item), NOT ATTACHED to the entry form.  Failure to send in the required copies by the required date may lead to disqualification.        


22. All Test Pieces are to be performed with accompaniment, unless the copy specifically states otherwise.

23. All set Test Pieces are to be performed with repeats unless otherwise stated. Failure to do so may lead to loss of marks or disqualification.

24. The prescribed editions of music, and key where specified, must be used by all competitors. The use of other editions will lead to loss of marks or disqualification. Standard pitch will be used in all competitions.


25. In all instrumental classes, tuning time must not exceed 30 seconds.  In Advanced and Open classes, competitors must do their own tuning. 


26. a) Competitor/s (individual or choirs) may compete in more than one class where the syllabus does not specifically state otherwise.

b) No person will be allowed to take part more than once in any one class except in a duet or group class, where a second entry is permitted, provided a different part is performed.

27. No conductor shall sing with his or her choir in competition.

28. In all competitive classes, teachers and instructors must not play with groups or ensembles, except at Elementary or Intermediate level of bands and orchestras, where one non-pupil may play in order to allow a group to perform.

29. a) Competitors MUST report to the Stewards before commencement of their class.

b) Competitors failing to appear when called upon will forfeit their right to take part in the particular competition, subject to a right to appeal to the Festival Office and, if opportunity can be found, they will be allowed to compete. 

30. In the event of a tie in any Solo Class, the Adjudicator may, at his discretion, ask competitors concerned to perform part or all of either or both Test Pieces.

31. ADJUDICATORS’ decisions shall in all cases be final and adjudicators must not be approached with queries or comments regarding their decisions. Such queries or comments should be addressed to the Secretary, in writing (Reg.8).

32. ADJUDICATORS’ NOTES should be collected by competitors at the close of the class or session at which they have performed.   


33. CERTIFICATES will be awarded as follows: Honours Certificates to all entrants who gain not less than 90%, First Class Certificates to all entrants who gain not less than 85% and Certificates of Merit to all entrants who gain not less than 80%. Competitors are asked to collect Certificates from their warm-up area, at the end of the Class or Session at which they have performed.   

34. No Trophy or Prize will be awarded unless the competitor receives an average of 85%, unless otherwise stated.   

35. Where trophies are awarded, they are held for the ensuing year only and must be returned to Cairncross Ltd., Jewellers, 18 St. John Street, Perth by 31st January 2022.  A responsible adult will be required to sign a receipt and give an undertaking to keep the Trophy safe and to return it in good condition. 


36. Any engraving MUST be done by Cairncross Ltd., 18 St John Street, PERTH, at the winner’s expense. 


37. Photography, including digital photography, and recording, either audio or video, are not permitted during performances, other than by official festival photographers or by Press photographers.  All mobile devices must be switched off during performances.

Parents/teachers/leaders are reminded that they are responsible for the conduct and safety of school-age competitors in their charge.

It is not in the spirit of the festival movement for competitors or their supporters to pass comment, whether it is directed at a competitor or at the adjudicator.

Please be aware that silence during competition makes it fair for all performers.