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 Perform in Perth

Scottish Charity Number: SC010789
Affiliated to the British & International Federation of Festivals for Music, Dance and Speech.
Patron: Her Majesty the Queen



This festival operates an equal opportunities policy whereby no person by reason of religious belief, political opinion, sex, marital status, race, colour, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or disability is treated less favourably nor is disadvantaged for those reasons by conditions or requirements which cannot be justified. This festival is committed to implementing policies designed to promote equality of opportunity, to secure fair participation for any under-represented group and to reject absolutely unlawful discrimination of any kind.

The festival will implement this policy by ensuring equality of opportunity for all entrants to perform in the the festival as a basic right and will take such affirmative action as may be deemed lawful, appropriate and necessary to ensure that all entrants enjoy equality of opportunity. This festival will also provide an Equal Opportunities Complaints Procedure within its rules for any entrant who believes that inequitable treatment within the scope of this policy has been applied to her or him, which will allow the person to raise the matter and have it considered by the committee.